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SelfPortrait-headlightJames Becker is an accomplished graphic designer whose work appears in many different media, including magazines, books and videos in over 60 different countries and in more than 17 languages. Recently he has started to create fine art pieces and make them available to the public. Currently he is exploring a fascination with automobiles from all eras in his Heads & Tails collection. He delights in the chrome and tail-fins of the 50's, the quiet elegance of the early 1900's, the power of the muscle cars of the 70's and the sleek, aerodynamic curves of the future.

"There is beauty in the design of everything from a simple spoon or chair to the most ornate cathedrals of Europe. It just depends on where you place your focus. When you look at a car you might just think it's a thing that'll get you where you're going. But if you look closely at something like the way reflections dance off the chrome surrounding a 1957 Chevy tail-light I think you might find as much of interest there as in any piece from Rembrandt or Dali."

—James Becker